Checkmate SE

CheckMate SE is a powerful backflow prevention and cross-connection monitoring program aimed at individual plumbers and contractors and small municipalities. Don’t let the low price fool you; CheckMate SE combines features such as automatic backflow preventer device test date tracking and custom notice generation. Ambitec’s is also committed to allowing our customers unlimited backflow prevention devices and customer records. Never pay another licensing fee simply because your customer base or the number of backflow prevention devices you maintain has grown. Where limits on backflow prevention devices are concerned, the only limitation with CheckMate SE is the size of your hard drive.

CheckMate SE makes use of data entry screens that should be familiar to anyone who has used a Windows based database in the past. Customer information records are intuitive and logically arranged so that the process of data entry is streamlined and efficient.

Our navigation scheme allows access to the entire data base from any screen. Simply select your destination on the right hand navigation menu and you’ll be taken where you want to go.

CheckMate SE comes preloaded with all the common backflow preventer devices and you can customize the database to meet any of your needs. Selecting a device from the drop down list fills in all the standard information.

CheckMate SE keeps track of all your backflow prevention devices and the dates at which they’re scheduled to be tested. When you log on, a splash screen will notify you of upcoming tests, notices that need to be sent out and more.

One of CheckMate SE’s most popular functions is its ability to generate letters and notices regarding all of your backflow prevention devices. The letters and notices are completely customizable, allowing you to enter your company letterhead and logo. Generating a notice of an upcoming test for a backflow preventer is now as easy as pushing a button!


Download Demo

Download a free, fully functional demo version of CheckMate software. Download


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