Checkmate Plus

CheckMate Plus is the preferred solution for many large water municipalities. The program’s ease of use, many features and the familiar and easy to navigate database structure make CheckMate Plus the choice for our municipal backflow prevention clients.

CheckMate Plus allows the monitoring of backflow prevention devices and tells you automatically when a device is due or past-due for testing. Once the test data is entered into the system, the date automatically sets to the next test date based on the testing interval you choose. Your backflow testers also have their own records, as do their backflow test kits, making the tracking of both easy and efficient.

When tests come due, CheckMate will let you know that a notice needs to be sent out and a test scheduled. One of CheckMate Plus’ most powerful features is automatic test notice generation, which allows you to print a notice, on your letterhead, with the click of a mouse. Customizing these notices is easy and printing them even easier!

There are no limits on the amount of backflow preventer devices, backflow testers and backflow test kits that you may add to your system. Our software license doesn’t include restrictions in that regard. Once you purchase CheckMate Plus you’ve purchased a program that can grow along with your city or town.

Like all CheckMate products, CheckMate Plus makes use of an interface that should be familiar to anyone who has worked on a Windows based database program before. We’ve designed CheckMate Plus to be easy and efficient, right down to the order of the data fields, so that you can get on with protecting your municipality’s water supply and not be bogged down with software issues.

Should you ever need assistance, you’ll find our customer support without rival. We work hard to make sure our programs are the sort that require little, if any, technical support but when our customers ask we respond.



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